DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

At YourSmartHost, we provide complimentary DDOS protection on all Managed VPS, Cloud VPS, Semi VPS, Shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. By offering protection up to 500gbps and 700mbps for bandwidth and packet intensive attacks, we ensure that your website is designed to handle maximum traffic. The basic purpose of using multiple layers of identification and filtering hardware services is to keep your website online even during these attacks. The kinds of attacks that are covered under this protection are listed below:-

  • UDP Floods

  • NTP

  • DNS

  • Syn Flood

  • Volume Based

  • Fragmented
    Packet Attacks

Kindly keep a note that our DDOS protection does not include protection against Layer 7 or application layer attacks. Most of these attacks can be handled at the server level by firewalls, mod_security or locking down your website code. Some items not covered under DDOS protection are given below:-

  • Brute Force Login Attacks

  • XMLRPC Floods

  • Low Level HTTP Traffic Floods

  • Email / Spam Floods

*We do not provide SLA coverage for the target of any attack. It is to be noted that the list of covered and non-covered attacks is subject to change at any time.