VPS Hosting

1 Do you offer firewall across the network?

If you need to block any ip, you can setup iptables  in your VPS inorder to filter traffic. For now we do not filter any traffic (except IRC) to or from hosted VPS's.

2 Can I have a custom VPS orders?

No we do not offer custom VPS orders.

3 What is the number of websites that I can run on a single IP?

There is no limit on number of websites, you can run unlimited number of websites until you are not done with your hosting resources.

4 How is a VPS beneficial ?

As VPS user you will have full root access to your server. Also, You can run your own applications on this server.

5 Can I run cron jobs?

Yes definitely you are allowed to run cron jobs.

6 Can I run a mail server from one of your VPS accounts?

Yes you can install a mail server in your VPS Hosting account.

7 Can I switch to cPanel from a VPS with Webmin/Plesk ?

Yes it is possible to switch to cPanel from a VPS with Webmin/Plesk, but all your data in VPS will be lost while performing this switch.

8 How do I connect via SSH to my servers home directory, below the domains?

When root-level (or any other user) ssh session is open the current directory is being changed to user's home directory. In case of root user the home directory is set to /root. To change directory to one where your accounts are hosted you can run the "cd /home" command.

9 How can I find out which script is using the most resources so I can change or delete that script?

login to the VPS as root and run "top" command.

10 How do I access my server via ssh?

As per welcome email please make sure to change ssh port from 22 to 2200 - we change ssh port for all provisioned VPS by default in order to reduce risk of brute force attacks against your VPS.

11 What information do you need from me so you can migrate my sites?

Please provide us with the highest possible level of access to the source system and we'll migrate all your accounts data for you as long as source system allows backups creation.

12 Can I restart my VPS on my own?

Yes, you can restart the VPS on your own at any time through the Virtuozzo Power Panel or cPanel.

13 Is DNS built in the server or administered by you?

With our VPS plans, DNS Management is done by the VPS owner. If your VPS comes with control panel software (we currently offer Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin) DNS management task is very easy, nameservers need to be setup once and then the control panel will take care of new DNS zones creation tasks automatically. With Webmin or no control panel option VPS owner will have to manually manage DNS zones.

14 What percentage of server resources do you offer customers?

VPS resource limits such as RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth depends on the hosting plan. CPU time is equally shared among all VPS on the server and is burstable up to 100% of the physical server CPU power.