1 Can I purchase exclusive IP's for my shared or reseller account?

Yes, you can opt for dedicated IP address by paying $2/domain/month.

2 Do you handle Domain name registration?

Yes, we do provide domain registration service. You can register your domain along with our hosting packages.

3 Do I need a domain to apply for hosting?

No, It is not required for you to have a domain to apply for a hosting account. But  if you are purchasing hosting  and are going to build a site that you want visible on the internet, then you will need a domain.

4 What are different types of scripts supported on your servers?
We provide Linux servers only and they support PHP, JS, AJAX and HTML.
5 Is there a limit on emails sent out per domain per hour basis?

We do not have any limits on emails, but you yourself can change this settings as per your own requirements.